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Norwich Deli & Bakery was started in 1991 by Adrian Tenhove.  He purchased Norwich Delicatessen that year, and promptly added a bakery to the premises.

In 2000 the retail area underwent a major renovation and expansion and doubled in size.  In 2010 a major expansion commenced in the bakery production area.

Adrian is a third generation baker.  His grandfather operated a bakery in Dirksland, Holland since 1925.  His father took over that bakery in 1951.   Adrian took over that same bakery in 1980.  In 1982 he decided to immigrate to Canada, so consequently he sold the bakery to his future brother-in-law.  Adrian operated a bakery in Alberta.  After 5 years he decided to go to Ontario.  He worked  as a technical consultant for a bakery ingredient company before buying Norwich Deli & Bakery.

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